Hendricks Insurance News http://www.hendricksinsurance.co.uk/news/ News from the Insurance World en-us Overhead Electricity Cables http://www.hendricksinsurance.co.uk/news/?d=22 In the last month we have had three separate incidents of harvesting machinery touching electricity cables. Very fortunately no one has been seriously injured but the damage to farm machinery has been very costly! So please take care and be aware of all cables when entering fields with power cables!

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Central Scotland Horse Trials http://www.hendricksinsurance.co.uk/news/?d=21 We are delighted to have sponsored the Central Scotland Horse Trials at Dalkeith and to be associated with such a great event!

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New for Estates http://www.hendricksinsurance.co.uk/news/?d=20

New for Estates – We are delighted to be launching our new estate facility commencing 1st October. Ritchie Sherret (Chairman) says, “We already have perhaps the widest distribution for sourcing estate insurance in the country and our new facility further enhances our ability in providing the widest possible covers at competitive premiums. Added to the fact that we do not receive hidden commissions from our insurer partners, rather we charge an agreed fee with our clients, will ensure we continue to have a competitive advantage. We are looking forward to continued growth and providing an unparalleled personal service for our estate clients.”

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Brigadier S J M Graham - British Army – Joins BCS Hendricks http://www.hendricksinsurance.co.uk/news/?d=19

Brigadier Simon Graham joins BCS Hendricks Ltd. He studied modern history at Durham University and business administration at Strathclyde Graduate Business School.  He commissioned into the King’s Royal Hussars (armour) in 1988 and served on operations in the Gulf, Northern Ireland and Bosnia.  In 1998 he left the regular Army and started a new career in the Scotch Whisky industry.  Subsequently he has been involved in fundraising for Columba 1400, a charity based on the Isle of Skye, which delivers leadership programmes to young people. Brigadier Simon is Chairman of the Board of Governors at Loretto School. Brigadier Simon is an organist and regularly plays for services and recitals at Dunblane Cathedral.  An Estate owner he is married with three children.

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Kate McAllister http://www.hendricksinsurance.co.uk/news/?d=18 We are delighted to welcome Kate to our Stirling office. Kate has joined us from the NFU and worked in their Stirling office for 2 years. Like Abbie Millar Kate is no stranger to the local farming community as her new husband, Neil, runs his own successful agricultural repairs business all across the region. We look forward to working with her for many years to come.

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More Rural Thefts ! http://www.hendricksinsurance.co.uk/news/?d=17 We are encountering unprecedented levels of thefts from our rural clients. The best form of mitigation is prevention. Our advice is to make sure all property is as secure as it can be within a lock fast building, this includes all types of machinery large or small - a telehandler was stolen in Fife last month and has never been seen again - and the usual target of quad bikes shows no sign of abating. Those clients who have been unfortunate enough to suffer a break-in or theft have all now installed alarms as well as CCTV. This is not as expensive as you may think and does serve the purpose in persuading the casual thief to move on to an unprotected premise. Please therefore give some thought to installing some counter measures as they will pay for themselves in the long run ! Remember insurance premiums chase claims !!

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Stirling Bull Sales 5th May http://www.hendricksinsurance.co.uk/news/?d=16

Hendricks Insurance are delighted to be the main sponsor of the forthcoming 'United Auctions' May Bull sales in Stirling on the 5th of May and will be on hand to offer advice, answer queries and provide ‘drop of the hammer’ cover.

We lookforward to seeing you there.

Hendricks Agricultural & Estates Division

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February Stirling Bull Sales http://www.hendricksinsurance.co.uk/news/?d=15 The Hendricks insurance team look forward to seeing you
at this month’s United Auctions’ Stirling Bull Sales and will be on hand to offer
advice, answer queries and provide 'drop of hammer' cover.

Watch live on http://www.uagroup.co.uk/

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Stirling Bull Sales 21st – 23rd October http://www.hendricksinsurance.co.uk/news/?d=14 The Hendricks insurance team look forward to seeing you next
week at the United Auctions’ Stirling Bull Sales and will be on hand to offer
advice, answer queries and provide 'drop of hammer' cover.

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Highlight on Harvest Fire Prevention http://www.hendricksinsurance.co.uk/news/?d=13 Grain dryers should be cleaned before use and please carry new
or recently serviced fire extinguishers on combines.

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Fife Farmers Beware! Two diesel thefts in last 48 hours http://www.hendricksinsurance.co.uk/news/?d=12 Fife farmers beware!

Two diesel thefts in last 48 hours totalling £5k – CCTV and lights a good deterrent…or perhaps a noisy dog!

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Continued growth at Stirling Agricultural Centre http://www.hendricksinsurance.co.uk/news/?d=11 Owing to our continued growth at the Stirling Agricultural Centre we are looking for experienced broking technicians for our Stirling office. The candidates must be SSP literate with at least 3 years commercial broking experience. Excellent prospects and package available.

Please email your CV with a covering letter to enquiries@hendricksinsurance.co.uk

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I spy... Hendricks Insurance on BBC Landward http://www.hendricksinsurance.co.uk/news/?d=10 Yes. Hendricks Insurance has gone 'global' with an appearance on BBC Scotland's Landward. It wasn't all about us though - the stars of the show were the Longhorn cattle featured in a report discussing the revival of the breed within the Scottish farming community. The Executive Chairman of United Auctions, David Leggat, spoke about how the breed has come into its own in recent years and reversed its longterm decline on farms across the country.

The report was filmed recently during the successful Stirling bull sales of which Hendricks Insurance was the main sponsor. Be sure to have a look at the report - we were there! And there. And over there...

Longhorn Cattle (and Hendricks Insurance!) feature on BBC Landward

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Successful day at Stirling Bull Sales http://www.hendricksinsurance.co.uk/news/?d=9
The Hendricks Stirling team of Brian Lochhead, Abbie Millar and Ritchie Sherret at ring side and on hand to present prizes.

Ritchie Sherret, Director of Hendricks Insurance, said "we were delighted to be the main sponsor at the Stirling bull sale; we have had a very successful day and we look forward to working with and supporting United Auctions in future sales".    


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Stirling Bull Sales - The Darling Breeds of May http://www.hendricksinsurance.co.uk/news/?d=8 Hendricks Insurance is delighted to be the main sponsor of the world-famous Stirling Bull Sales on 6th May 2013.  Ahead of the start, United Auctions has issued the following press release.

United Auctions - May Bull Sales Press Release

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Hendricks Insurance is main sponsor at Stirling Bull Sales http://www.hendricksinsurance.co.uk/news/?d=7 Hendricks Insurance is delighted to announce that it will be the main sponsor of the forthcoming Stirling Bull Sales. We'll be on hand at the Stirling Agricultural Market from the moment the doors open on 6th May to offer advice on all things insurance.

Alternatively, why not pop into our new offices (Suite C2) at the Agricultural Market and speak to a member of our team.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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Vendors Guarantee online submission http://www.hendricksinsurance.co.uk/news/?d=6 As of today (25th February 2013) Hendricks Insurance is able to accept Vendors Guarantee Questionnaires that are submitted online. This new facility is designed to make life a little bit quicker and simpler for all concerned - provide you with the peace of mind that you need from the moment of purchase.

The Vendors Guarantee Questionnaire can be completed and submitted online or it can be downloaded and completed the old-fashioned way!

Please be aware that cover will commence only when confirmed by our insurers. 

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Bull Sale Style http://www.hendricksinsurance.co.uk/news/?d=5 Who says that the farmers and financiers have no sense of humour...? We're as 'happening' as anybody else!

Fri, 22 Feb 2013 22:36:05 +0000 http://www.hendricksinsurance.co.uk/news/?d=5
Bull Sales http://www.hendricksinsurance.co.uk/news/?d=4 Our team is looking forward to seeing you next week at the Stirling Bull Sales, where we will be on hand to answer any queries and deal with all of your insurance requirements.

Hope to see you there. #BullSales

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Hendricks Insurance opens new offices http://www.hendricksinsurance.co.uk/news/?d=3

An expanding insurance broking business, specialising in farming and estate policies will be opening a new office at United Auctions’ (UA’s) Stirling Agricultural Centre in January 2013.

Hendricks Insurance’s Agricultural & Estates Division has taken the last remaining 3,000 sq ft at Scotland’s leading livestock auctioneers’ Stirling Agricultural Centre, as their new headquarters. And the business, which has a long‐established office in St Andrews, has a strategy in place to become Scotland’s premier rural insurance broker.

It is already planning a recruitment drive for an initial core staff of five employees – rising to 20 by 2014.  Key appointments will be announced in January 2013 when the Stirling office will be officially open for business.

Neil McLean, Group Joint MD of UA, said: 

“This is great news for Stirling and for our customers. We’re delighted that this ambitious firm is opening its new HQ at the Centre.  The addition of a rural insurance brokers perfectly complements the exceptional cluster of professional, agri‐related services the Centre offers, which includes CKD Galbraith, Ledingham Chalmers, Johnston Carmichael and Carrs Billington Agriculture. This was our vision for the facility right from the start so it’s really satisfying to see it develop with such success.”

Ritchie Sherret, Director of Hendricks Insurance said: 

“This is such a huge opportunity for us. There is a real sense of community at the Centre and I can’t think of any other business location in Scotland that offers such great potential with a footfall of over 22,000 on your doorstep every year. The opportunity is also recognised by two of the country’s largest agricultural underwriters with whom we are finalising arrangements that will see us launching perhaps the best all‐round policy on the market with very competitive premiums. We are expecting to make a real impact.”

Hendricks Insurance will take over the bespoke insurance service for the Stirling Bull Sales from February next year.

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Hendricks Insurance joins the Willis Network http://www.hendricksinsurance.co.uk/news/?d=2

Willis Group Holdings (NYSE: WSH), the global insurance broker, today announced that nine new members have joined Willis Networks, its alliance with local, independent insurance brokers in the UK. Willis Networks is made up of the Willis Commercial Network (WCN), which represents larger independent brokers and Willis N2, representing smaller provincial brokers.

Wed, 06 Feb 2013 18:57:59 +0000 http://www.hendricksinsurance.co.uk/news/?d=2
Neil Follon joins Hendricks Insurance http://www.hendricksinsurance.co.uk/news/?d=1

Neil Follon, the former NFU Secretary in Cupar – has joined the firm. Neil, who has more than 30 years experience in both insurance broking and working for major insurance companies, joined the firm in February. Given the market position of Hendricks Insurance – where we are focused on both owner-managed SMEs and estates and farms – Neil’s contribution will be of great benefit to existing and new clients alike. If you wish to contact Neil directly, please email him.

Wed, 06 Feb 2013 18:56:32 +0000 http://www.hendricksinsurance.co.uk/news/?d=1