Terms & Conditions

Please read this document carefully. It sets out the terms on which we agree to act for our clients and contains details of our regulatory and statutory responsibilities. By accepting these Terms of Business you are giving your consent to the actions described in the following sections.

Company Details

BCS Hendricks Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. You can check this on the Financial Conduct Authority Register by visiting their website or by calling 0845 606 1234. We can be contacted at the address and phone number at the bottom of the page.

Our Service

As General Insurance intermediaries we act on your behalf in arranging insurance. We can offer advice on a wide range of insurance products, and place cover with a number of insurers. For some types of insurance we deal predominately with a single or limited number of insurers that we have selected as offering value for money and quality service. We will make a recommendation to you after we have assessed your needs, or advise you if we are unable to meet them. We will provide prompt assistance should you need to make a claim,

Confidentiality and Data Protection 

All information we hold about you will be treated as private and confidential and kept secure. We will only use and disclose the information we have about you in the normal course of arranging and administering your insurance. We may pass information about you that may include details of your payment record to credit reference agencies for the purposes of arranging payments by instalments. We may also use the information we hold about you to provide you with information on other products and services we can offer that we feel may be appropriate to you. If you cancel or lapse your policy we may contact you subsequently to provide a quotation. Under the Data Protection Act 1998 individuals have rights of access to any personal information held about them.

Your Duty to Disclose Information

It is your responsibility to provide complete and accurate information to insurers when you take out an insurance policy, throughout the life of the policy, and when you renew your insurance.

It is important that you ensure all statements you make on proposal forms, claim forms and other documents are full and accurate.

Please note that if you fail to disclose any material information to us and your insurers, this could invalidate your insurance cover and could mean that part or all of a claim may not be paid. You should take particular care to check the accuracy of all information you provide.

Our Income

As insurance brokers we earn our income predominantly from commission paid to us by insurers based on the amount they charge you. You are entitled, at any time, to request information regarding any commission which we may have received as a result of placing or renewing your insurance cover. 

Where we arrange low or non-commission paying policies, we may charge a fee in addition to the premium, but we will always disclose this to you and advise you of the actual amount at the time of the quotation or renewal.

We may occasionally receive additional remuneration from certain insurers for insurance policies we place with them, and from other suppliers of services to you. Please ask us should you require further information.


Where a policy is cancelled before renewal, insurers charge to cover their costs, with the balance refunded to you, subject to no claim having been made. Full details will be found in your policy. In the event of an adjustment giving rise to a return of premium the amount may be refunded or held to credit.

Insurers reclaim commission paid to us when you cancel a policy before renewal or where there is a mid-term alteration to your policy which results in a refund of premium. The amount reclaimed is based on the number of days until the planned renewal date. As a consequence, we may make a deduction to the value of the commission reclaimed from any return premium owing to you.

For certain commercial insurance policies the premium is due in full on inception of the policy. This means that no refund will be paid if the policy is cancelled before renewal. We will advise you if this affects you.

Client Bank Accounts

Your money will be segregated into a non-statutory client bank account held BCS Hendricks Ltd as trustees on your behalf. This means credit may be extended and payments may be made to other customers using cleared funds from the client bank account. We may pass the money you pay us to another intermediary. We will only do this where it is a necessary part of the process of arranging cover for you. Any interest earned will remain in the ownership of BCS Hendricks Ltd.

Premium Payment and Solvency of Insurers

Unless we advise otherwise, any payment we receive from you will be held on behalf of the insurer with whom we arrange your policy, as their agent. This means that any payment you make to us will be regarded as having been paid to the insurer. We may pass the money you pay to us to another intermediary, but will only do so where this is a necessary part of the process of arranging cover for you.

We cannot guarantee the solvency of any insurer with which we place business. This means that you may still be liable for any premium due and not be able to recover the premium paid, whether in full or in part, should an insurer become insolvent.

Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS)

We are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). You may be entitled to compensation from the scheme if we cannot meet our obligations. Further information is available from its website.


It is our intention to provide you with the highest possible level of customer service at all times. Should you wish to complain you may do so to our Managing Director, Ritchie Sherret:

In writing to the address below; or

By e-mail to: ritchie@bcshendricks.co.uk

Should you not be satisfied with our final response, you may be entitled to refer the matter to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS). Further details will be supplied at the time of responding to your complaint.

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